When Men Stop Leading

A study of 39 countries indicated that fatherless children are more likely to drop out of school, perform poorly, commit violent crimes, get teenage pregnancies, and abuse alcohol and drugs. https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000086075/responsible-fathers-needed-to-avert-youth-delinquency Further, 63 per cent of suicides come from fatherless homes, 70 per cent of juveniles in State-operated institutions come from fatherless homes, 40 per… Read More When Men Stop Leading

Positive Results of Successful Conflict Resolution

“Conflict generally causes adjustments in the relationship” (Shawchuck 1983, 46).  Positive results of conflicts are: Glory to God – God is glorified as His will is sought during the conflict, His Word is applied and praise is given to Him during celebration. Forgiveness – Relationships are restored and there is healing. Expansion of God’s Kingdom… Read More Positive Results of Successful Conflict Resolution

Role of Forgiveness in Dealing with Conflict

Since conflicts have a tendency to offend and cause pain to others, forgiveness is a crucial step to healing of the parties and restoration of relationships. Augsburger (1992) says, “Forgiveness has many faces. Each culture shapes its understandings of forgiveness from its central values.” He adds, “Forgiveness and reconciliation are difficult for all human beings” (262).… Read More Role of Forgiveness in Dealing with Conflict